Coalition of Powhatan Churches
Powhatan, VA 23139
Powhatan Food Pantry

The Powhatan Food Pantry

If you would like to help our local Powhatan Food Pantry, you may donate items or make a check out to "The Powhatan Food Pantry" and mail it to the address below.

All donations are greatly appreciated and help others in our community.

The Powhatan Food Pantry is located at 2500 Batterson Road, Powhatan VA.
Phone: 804-372-9526

Food Pantry Hours are: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10am - 12:00.
Thursday nights from 5-7pm.

We accept checks. Please make check out to "The Powhatan Food Pantry"
Mail checks to: PO Box 57, Powhatan, Va. 23139

We accept donations via Paypal!